Welcome To DeepTalk.phys.washington.edu

This site contains my experiments with visualization and particle physics. Two projects are currently hosted here:

Deep Talk Sample

Deep Talk

All the slides from one conference on an easy to read surface. Use your mouse wheel and arrow keys to manouver around the surface exploring the slides you are interested in. Any indico-based agenda conference can be rendered this way.


Physics Plots Viewer

Collider Plots

Ever had trouble finding what DZERO, CDF, ATLAS, or CMS have released recently? This project trys to scan the experiment's public web pages and collate the plots it finds there. You can sort them by date or by group. Mostly preliminary results are included right now (not much in the way of published yet).


ROOT File Size Analyzer

Not exactly the same theme, but a useful utility none-the-less. Pass in the output of TTree::Print() into the load box, and then you can sort and play with the branches of a tree - and sort them by size and find out what branch is taking up all your space in your TTree.


These projects all require SilverLight to be installed on your computer. You should be prompted for it if you don't already have it (and they require the latest version). It doesn't run on Linux yet, though it is close. Enjoy, and feel free to let me know what you think.